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What if I'm Detained by Immigration at an Airport in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing detention at an Immigration facility in the Kingdom of Thailand; specifically within the airports. 

Now this is different. We have done other videos specifically discussing the Immigration Detention Center as well as prisons here in the Kingdom but detention at an Airport, they do have what could basically be described as something akin to a “brig” but oftentimes those who are detained or those who are not admitted to the Kingdom and they are basically making arrangements to travel onward or to return to their home country, those individuals may not be detained in the strict sense of the term. They may be allowed for example to remain in a terminal hotel like an Airport Hotel or they may be permitted to roam around the airport in some circumstances, although that would be pretty rare. Oftentimes, they are usually just sitting in the Immigration Office but yes there is a Detainment or Detention Center that Immigration can use. 

The thing to take away from this video is the reason for the detention is going to dictate the type of detention. I think it is very safe to say that. For example if someone comes through Thailand and they are found to have for example an Interpol Red Notice, so basically they have got an arrest warrant from a third-party country and Thailand has decided to cooperate with extradition on that, that individual is very likely going to be detained in a very different facility from someone who simply has come in too many times on 30-day stamps for example. The individual coming in on too many 30-day stamps is very likely to simply be rebuffed, turned away, told to make arrangements to go to another country or their home country, whereas somebody who has got an arrest warrant, that individual or those individuals are going to need to go ahead and deal with probably being detained. They are probably going to be put into the "brig" if you will and arrangements are going to be made with the country seeking extradition to go ahead and have those people transported back to that country presumably in order to face trial