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What If I'm Arrested While on Overstay in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing overstay in the Kingdom of Thailand. Specifically we are talking about those who have actually been arrested presumably arrested in some other capacity or in some other context rather than dealing with Thai Immigration directly, but this can pertain to anybody who is just in the Kingdom and happens to be detained. 

I want to be clear. This could be someone who is in the Kingdom and is dealing with a government official, be it Immigration or something and they are in fact in over stay and they are detained as a consequence of that overstay and they are deported. If that occurs and the matter is in the context of an arrest within the Kingdom rather than a voluntary departure wherein that person is deemed to be in overstay while departing the Kingdom, that individual, if it is connected to an arrest, will be deported and they will be blacklisted for 5 years if their over stay is less than 1 year or 10 years if their overstay is more than 1 year.  

I am going to go ahead and throw this up here on the screen. You can see that. You can see that if it is less than a year and you are arrested and prosecuted within the Kingdom, you will be deported and blacklisted for 5 years. If you are on a longer overstay, 1 year or more, and you are arrested, deported and blacklisted, you will be blacklisted for 10 years. 

So the thing to take away from this video is if you are on overstay in the Kingdom of Thailand there is a substantially higher penalty for being arrested within the Kingdom as opposed to voluntarily departing; voluntary departure we will get into in other videos on this channel. For the purposes of this video, if you are arrested in the Kingdom, and by the way, take this away if nothing else. If you are arrested in the Kingdom in 1 day of overstay, it is a 5-year ban from the Kingdom; it is a five-year blacklisting. So keep one's lawful status up when in the Kingdom for temporary purposes because an arrest can lead to a prolonged blacklisting from the Kingdom of Thailand.