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The TM 30 Form and Thai Business Visa Extension

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the TM30 form. For those who are unaware of what that form is go ahead and go to our search function on our channel. Type in TM30 and you will see multiple videos that discuss the TM30 in detail. Suffice it to say for this video it is basically a form which pertains to a landlord or if one is one's own landlord and a foreigner in the Kingdom, simply a notification of where one stays when living here in the Kingdom of Thailand. Basically, foreigners in the Kingdom need to notify Immigration Authorities of their relevant address in order to maintain their status in the Kingdom.

Now TM30 enforcement has not been particularly assiduous up until about three or four months ago at which point it seemed to become a rather major priority of Thai Immigration Officials and as this situation has evolved, we have tried to provide further nuance and further clarity on the matter as time has gone on. 

In a recent forum posting I found on Facebook, there was this quote: "Just an FYI. I have been asked for a TM30 notification at Chaengwattana while doing my non B extension for work. The guy next to me was also asked; he was doing an extension for his studies."  Presumably that would be an Education Visa.  Quoting further: "Neither of us had received one so we need to get it done and then return."  Then it went on and apparently they dealt with having not filed and had to pay a fine and then they went ahead and dealt with their extensions in due course. 

That being said, I wanted to make a video on this because Business Visa extensions are complex enough without having to deal with any further complexity and TM30 is something that foreigners need to be aware of. They need to be aware of the duty to disclose one's address in the Kingdom and they also need to be aware of their landlord's duty to disclose that they are present and living at a given location.  Failure to do so can result in fines, possibly delays in Immigration processing and just sort of general consternation associated with the Thai Immigration process that can be avoided. 

Again, I have mentioned before on this channel, TM30 is not something that was much dealt with, even say six months ago. It just wasn't really a priority of Thai Immigration. Clearly those priorities have changed and we are now seeing this as an issue in a larger number of cases as the days go by. 

So those watching this video, the thing to take away is it is a good idea to keep up one's TM30 filings just to make certain or to sort of forestall the need to deal with it at the same time one is dealing with your extension of stay based on B Visa status here in the Kingdom.