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Thailand May "Reconsider" New Shorter Quarantine Policy?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the possibility that Thailand reconsiders quarantine policy. What are we talking about here? Well recently, as of April 1 we have seen changes to the quarantine policy for inbound travelers to Thailand. So what was previously a hard and fast rule of 14 days for everyone coming into Thailand, now that has been changed or modified somewhat. It has been dropped down to 10 days for most folks except from high-risk countries where it remains 14 days. Folks that adhere to certain criteria associated with vaccination and COVID free certification can enjoy a 7-Day quarantine.

The reason for this video is to bring up the question of could they sort of rescind this? Could we see this be re-set and we go back to a 14-day quarantine? The reason I am bringing this up, I get burned for this on comments all the time. People say I am intentionally trying to scare people. That is not my purpose in making these videos. My purpose in making this videos is to try and help people be as informed as possible regarding the overall situation. 

That stated, here is what we are looking at right now presently on the ground in Thailand is a truncated kind of lockdown insofar as a lot of entertainment establishments, pubs and bars have been closed in 41 provinces in Thailand and there just seems to generally be an air of consternation regarding the COVID situation. So the reason for this video is I was reading through, I read through a ton of content on what is going on over here every day, and this sentence popped up at me in the article: Thailand Says Bangkok COVID-19 Outbreak May Take Months to Contain. This came from Reuters but I found it via and then within this article there is this line. "The task force said a reduction in the quarantine period introduced this month may be reconsidered."  So let me read that one more time "the task force said “a reduction in the quarantine period reduced this month maybe reconsidered." Now is that a foregone conclusion? Certainly not but the situation is fluid and the Authorities here in Thailand seem to be greatly concerned about this COVID-19 situation. 

There are those, especially folks that correspond with us who would probably disagree with that, that that concern is warranted but that being said it doesn't really matter what people's opinion is on it. The fact of it is the Government is concerned and yeah I think it is something to keep a close eye on is are they going to resend the current reduction in quarantine times associated with folks coming. It remains to be seen. We will certainly keep you updated on this channel as the situation progresses.