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Thai Work Permits: The Term "Employer Of Record" Is Meaningless?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the notion of an "employer of record". Yet again this idiotic term in my opinion, it is kind of an idiotic term, has popped up again lately. The other term that used to be floating around the ether of the internet with great regularity was the notion of a "sponsored Work Permit". 

The term "employer of record" is meaningless; there is no such thing as "oh legally speaking if I just get an “employer of record”, I can therefore get my Visa and Work Permit status." No because "employer of record" is a euphemism for just someone faking being my employer; that is basically what it means. It is for people that come to Thailand and basically say "oh I want to get a Work Permit and Visa but I really don't want to do it the correct way, so I'll just go get somebody to essentially front for me and say they are my employer." And by the way, as we have discussed in other videos I think that you could wind up in a situation where that could be construed as human trafficking to say the least. But long story short, it's not legally correct. If you are not really working for the place, then you shouldn't be utilizing an "employer of record" as just a mere pretense or pretext to get oneself a Work Permit and a Visa; that's not an optimal way to do it. I've seen people get in serious problems for it including detention, including deportation, including blacklisting, including being fined; even seen employers have real problems with that. There are proper ways to set oneself up in Thailand with regard to Visa and Work Permit status and maintaining oneself within the parameters of the relevant law and utilizing shortcuts, illegal shortcuts specifically like "employers of record" is not the way to do it.