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A Thai Visa Tip for Those Taking A Long Vacation in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

In this video, we've discussed at length on this channel the 30-day stamp, the exemption stamp for most to come into the Kingdom, in this video we are just going to basically give a quick tip for those who come to the Kingdom of Thailand and kind of know that they're going to be there a significant amount of time but don't know exactly how long they're going to be and they think it is going to bump up against the 30-day mark; get another 30-day extension immediately upon arriving in the Kingdom.

So the 30-day exemption stamp which as we go into on other videos on this channel is not in and of itself a visa, but simply visa exemption step status and provides lawful status for 30 days in the Kingdom. That travel document, which is not a visa and even I make the mistake of calling it a visa sometimes, that travel document can be extended. That 30 days can be extended by another 30 days. There's an adjudicatory process; it's very set in stone these days. In the past it was done in kind of an ad-hoc manner and now it's much more rigidly dealt with. There is an underlying fee associated with the extension but there is no time frame when it has to be done, so in theory one could arrive in the Kingdom of Thailand and immediately the next day run down to the Immigration Office, sit through maybe an hour or two dealing with a line, and get their extra 30 days just boom, the minute they arrive. This can be very beneficial especially for those who plan to have a lazy, long vacation here in the Kingdom as you really don't want to be sitting around thinking about your Thai Visa. I mean frankly, I think about Thai visas rather frequently, and even though it is part of my job it can be rather maddening; if you are on a vacation, it's definitely not something you particularly want to think about. So if you think you are going to possibly, even possibly, it's only a 1,900 baht fee, even if you're possibly going to go over the 30 day mark, just get it and get it early and often.  Get it as soon as you can and be done with it and then you know, if you definitely know you're not going to spend any more than 60 days in the Kingdom, that way you know “if I go 5 days over, no problem!" because as we've mentioned in other videos on this channel, since the Inception of the “Good Guys in Bad Guys out” program, which is a policy that really changed things with respect to, not only the regulations pertaining to Thai Immigration and visas, but also the enforcement mechanism. Being in overstay is a really bad thing to be in here in the Kingdom now especially if one gets in trouble with respect to the authorities. So the thing to take away from this video is that it's probably a good idea, if you think it's even possible you're going to be over 30 days, just go ahead and get your extension done within a few hours or maybe even a day or so of arriving in the Kingdom and be done with it. You are good to go for 60 days and you can enjoy your vacation and have a good time here in the Land of Smiles.