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Thai Immigration Expand Scope of Information Intake at Borders

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Immigration yet again and we are specifically discussing this in the context of Coronavirus but this is something I think is going to have some legs if you will. I think we are going to see this policy probably be implemented at least for the next six months and it could just be there for the foreseeable future. 

When policies are implemented, especially in a rather large bureaucracy, they kind of have a tendency for lack of a better term to stick. Sometimes they are rescinded but sometimes they just keep hanging around so in this case we are talking about things in the context of Coronavirus

In a recent article from but has taken his from the National News Bureau of Thailand quoting directly:  "The Immigration Bureau has announced that all foreigners arriving in Thailand must now specify the countries they have recently visited on their arrival card to filter out the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus; also known as the Coronavirus.  Quoting further: "Officials will provide a free medical check-up and ask for contact details throughout their stay in the Kingdom. Government personnel will then be able to monitor their well-being." 

I don't know how long this is going to go on but this information intake, this broadening of the scope of information they are going to be taking at Immigration upon arrival, I think we will probably see this for at least the next 6 weeks, if not longer, so keep that in mind. Those who have to do border runs, be prepared to write a little bit more about where you have been. Where you been may simply have been Thailand and then you were briefly in for example Malaysia, and then you are back in Thailand. So depending on who you are, this may not be a big deal at all. For those who travel frequently this could be a bit of an additional inconvenience but unfortunately it is an inconvenience I suspect we are going to have to deal with especially if we are dealing with this Coronavirus situation.