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Processing Out of Quarantine after Arriving in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing quarantine in Thailand; that is Alternative State Quarantine. We are discussing this specifically in the context of this COVID-19 situation. 

We have clients that have been getting into Thailand, being admitted; they have been having to undergo quarantine and all that that entails but a client recently wrote us this and for purposes of confidentiality we will be keeping certain aspects of this private, redacted where necessary, but we found some of this information could be useful to folks out there in the public and to future clients.

Quoting directly: "Finally out of ASQ", that is Alternative State Quarantine, "on the morning of the ... (I am going to leave that date out), “at the very end they give you a certificate saying you are good to leave. They also give you copies of the COVID-19 test and they give you the bill from the hospital to the hotel for the cost of the COVID-19 test." So you can see everything, sort of an itemized billing if you will.  "Seems like 15,000 baht of the 45,000 baht hotel cost is actually COVID-19 testing. It even shows the actual cost of the hotel at 29,000 baht. This makes a little more sense on why the ASQ is so costly. I don't think they are really making that much in the end."

So interesting, some insights there from someone who has gone through it and I definitely think that those who are watching this video should be aware that yes there are varying degrees if you will of Alternative State Quarantine here in Thailand. There is kind of the more budget conscious, economically priced all the way up to really serious luxury stuff. We have seen folks that have been put into basically four star, five star hotels to be quarantined and under those circumstances, well the price is substantially more than what was mentioned in this excerpt. It should be noted there is kind of a variance there. In terms of cost differentials it should be noted that a lot of the cost is going to Medical. It is not the hotels trying to gouge people or anything. Everybody in this situation is trying to act as rationally and responsibly as they can and just sort of get through this. 

I do find it rather audible that the hotels have been very budget conscious when they are dealing with this in providing their guests, in a sense they are sort of their inmates kind of, but all joking aside, but they have been going out of their way to make it as pleasant as they can for folks and as affordable as possible given the circumstances.