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How Long Will I Be Blacklisted If I Overstay in Thailand Over A Year?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing overstay and the consequences of over stay, most notably automatic blacklisting associated with an overstay in the Kingdom.

We are going to go ahead and throw this up there. This was created by Thai immigration as sort of a primer regarding overstays in the Kingdom. For those unaware, there is sort of a bifurcated analysis where one must start with respect to analyzing periods of overstay in the Kingdom and if one is arrested in the Kingdom, they are covered under a very different regulatory framework than one who is voluntarily departing the Kingdom or surrendering themselves when departing the Kingdom and just going ahead and copping to an overstay. 

So the title of this video is “What happens if I overstay more than a year?”  Well as you can see from this on the on-screen here, more than one year will result in an automatic 3 year blacklisting in the context of an over stay. Now that is for somebody who voluntarily departs. 

If you overstay by more than one year and you are arrested in the Kingdom, there is an automatic 10 year blacklisting. That is just automatic; and that arrest can be a traffic citation. 

So keep in mind, overstay in Thailand is not treated as lax as it once was.  It is not treated as a sort of a de minimis thing; it is not minimized. They take this rather seriously now whereas in the past for an overstay you pay the fine and “moving on”.  These days, over stay in the Kingdom is serious business and for that reason it is a good idea to keep oneself in lawful status in order to maintain one's presence here in the Kingdom of Thailand.