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Does Thai Immigration Really Have a 100 Year Blacklist?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Blacklist; the Immigration Blacklist specifically here in the Kingdom. 

A question that comes to me somewhat frequently from people who are dealing with things like a prolonged overstay which may result in a mechanism kicking in insofar as they are then blacklisted from returning to the Kingdom,  a question that comes up is “what is the longest amount of time one can be blacklisted?” or sometimes people ask me, "Is it really true Thailand has a 100-year blacklisting?" and the fact of the matter is, Yes, it is possible to be blacklisted from Thailand for 100 years. 

In a recent article from the Phuket news, that is, the article is titled: Two Men Already Blacklisted From Entering Thailand for a Hundred Years Caught Again in Phuket.  "Two men who had both previously been deported and blacklisted from entering Thailand for 100 years have been caught again after they were found to have reentered the country using new passports issued in new names." Quoting further: "Chinese National Xie Dajiang was arrested, charged and deported in 2013 after it was found that he had entered Thailand on a fake passport using the passport number, and they give the number. Phuket Immigration Chief Colonel Kathathorn Kumthieng told a press conference held at Phuket Immigration Office this morning, June 21."  Quoting further:  "Mr. Xie was banned from re-entering the Kingdom of Thailand for 100 years from the year 2013 until the year 2113; so he is banned for a prolonged of time. Yes, Immigration does have a 100-year blacklisting. As a practical matter, unless this gentleman has major longevity, that is basically “banned for life” from Thailand for lack of better term. As a practical matter, a hundred year blacklisting is basically a lifetime ban.

Another thing I thought was noteworthy in this article is I think as I have stated many, many times in recent months, biometrics very likely played a part in ascertaining that this gentleman was using a fake passport in order to try and enter Thailand and I suspect those biometrics uncovered his prior record which had resulted in this prolonged blacklisting. So as I have gone into another videos, biometrics is becoming a major, major force to be reckoned with within the Thai Immigration enforcement apparatus and in fact I would argue it is the sort of unstoppable force or immovable object if you will, and it is not going to really be possible to trick this particular mode of identification. 

To sum up this video and as the title suggests, Yes Thai Immigration does have a prolonged blacklisting; out past even the 10 years that sort of the standard protocol calls for. If one is deemed to be truly a national security problem or someone that just is not desirable for entrance to the Kingdom they can be blacklisted for over a century from coming back.