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Does the End of TM28 Mean the End of TM30 in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the TM28's demise as well as the TM30 here in Thailand and for purposes of this video, we will also be discussing the new TM27.

In prior videos on this channel we have discussed the death of the TM28. The TM28 which used to be required for those to file when they had changed residence for more than 24 hours here in Thailand, and by residence that could be a temporary residence, that has now been fully scrapped; it has been canceled. That no longer exists. The regulatory framework associated with that has been rescinded and in its place arose the TM27 form which we have done a video on. As noted in that video we went through all the exceptions to those who need to file for the TM27 and for the life of me I cannot figure out who needs to file for the TM27

For the purposes of this video and that video, suffice it to say no one that I can think of would need to actually file a TM27 because it specifically exempts people here for Tourism purposes, Business Visa purposes, Media Visa purposes, Education Visa purposes, O Visas associated with spouse, parents children of either Thai citizens or Thai Permanent Residents and retirees; medical tourism too was specifically exempted.  So this whole list of exemptions basically threw away the old TM28, created this TM27. I suspect there is a discrete subset of folks who need to deal with this; perhaps migrant workers. I have been kind of racking my brain as to who this applies to. It may apply to them. I am not sure. 

But for purposes of folks watching this video, most of the folks who watch this video are usually on Non-immigrant visas in the category of O or B so for either Marriage, Retirement or Business purposes and finally tourism; a lot of folks out there on tourist visas. The TM27 does not appear in my estimation to apply to you folks. So the new TM27 regime gets rid of the old TM28 regime and the new TM27 regime does not appear to apply to much of anybody, especially viewers on this channel. 

That being stated does this change mean TM30 is gone? That the system whereby you have to file a document that stipulates your address, your residence, as far as I read this that has not been phased out. The TM28 is gone, leaving for 24 hours is gone, but it looks to me like a TM30 still needs to be filed. It also looks to me like the TM30 simply needs to be filed once. If you have one residence in Thailand and that is where you live for the primary purposes of your stay in Thailand, if you spend the bulk of your time there, you need to file one TM30 and you are done with it. But does it get rid of TM30? From my interpretation of these rules, NO. 

I am going to continue looking at all this stuff. This has relatively recently come out and we have tried to comb through this and get the best idea we can. If I think that my analysis on this is somewhat incorrect or if it is undeveloped or incomplete, I will come back and do another video specifically on TM30. For now it looks like TM30 still operates. TM28 is definitely gone and the new TM27 basically exempts anyone who TM28 once would have applied to.