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Delays in Thai Visa Extension Processing?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Visa Extensions. Going back about a month ago, I was doing videos talking about "hey look there is going to be increasing scrutiny, increasing crackdowns associated with Thai Immigration". We noted that "Big Joke" had gotten involved with matters pertaining to Immigration Policy and Law enforcement and there was going to be a knock on effect to that, there were going to be ramifications to that; we are starting to see it. 

There are increasingly delays in processing times associated with Thai Visas. We are seeing it especially acute in the Business Visa section. We are able to get things processed out but man the review times are taking, the scrutiny is much heavier and for that reason review time is increasing. We are also seeing this in certain contexts in the context of a Thai Retirement Visa. I will do another video specifically on that topic contemporaneously with this one but long story short in a very general context, yes at the present moment expect processing delays; expect it to take longer to process an application for an extension of Non-Immigrant status here in the Kingdom of Thailand.