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Can I Extend My Thai Retirement Visa Before New Insurance Requirements?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Retirement Visas specifically the O-A Retirement Visa and we are discussing the impending changes, specifically the increase in Insurance Requirements associated with the Thai Retirement Visa specifically the O-A Thai Retirement Visa. As we discussed in another video, we will go ahead and throw this up real quick, this is a translation of the Royal Thai Gazette announcement from the Royal Thai Police which is noting the changes which are to come into effect, most notably O-A Retirement Visas as of October 1, 2022. Folks that want an O-A Visa or want to extend an O-A Retirement Visa here in Thailand are going to have to show a minimum of 3 million Baht or the equivalent of 100,000 US Dollars in insurance coverage or if they can't show that insurance coverage, they are going to have to show that money in a bank account; they are going to have to show 3 million baht in a Thai bank account.

A question that is popped up with a lot of folks out there, I have had contact us, has been: "What if I have my extension before the deadline on this rule change? Am I still going to have to get new insurance and abide by the new rules?" I am going to go ahead and provide a little insight on that by quoting the Royal Thai Gazette announcement directly. This is under subsection 2 of order of Royal Thai Police number 654/2564. Quoting directly: "An alien who has been granted Non-Immigrant O-A Visa not exceeding 1 year and has been permitted to stay in the Kingdom before this order is effective, will be able to continually stay in the Kingdom according to the granted length of stay. This order is effective as of October 1, 2022." So if you get your extension filed, processed and approved, for example let's say you get your extension done on September 10th of 2022, the order comes into force October 1, 2022,, you have got a one-year extension for your O-A; it takes you out to September 10th presumably or whatever one day shy depending on how that all shakes out into September of 2023. You are not going to need to deal with this new insurance rule during that period. You are sort of grandfathered in for purposes of that 1 year extensions, you are grandfathered in. 

As we have discussed in other videos, no this does not apply to the O Retirement Visa, it only applies to the O-A Retirement Visa, so when we are talking about the 3 million Baht Insurance Requirement, we are exclusively talking about that in the context of an O-A Retirement Visa; we are not talking about it in the context of an O Retirement Visa at least as of the time of this video. Should something like that change or anything else change with respect to this, we will certainly keep people updated on this channel as the situation evolves.