Thai Visa Extension Denial and Departure from the Kingdom

Those denied a visa extension in Thailand are usually required to depart and possibly return with a new visa.

Analysis of Recent Changes to Thai Immigration Policy

Thai visa policies are currently in a state of flux.

Can Thai Labor Quotas Impact Work Permits for Permanent Residents?

It is possible that the new Thai labor quotas could have practical ramifications for those with a work permit and PR in Thailand.

Work Permit Quota in Thailand: Impact Upon O Marriage Visa Holders

The newly created Thai labor quotas could have an impact upon those in Thailand with an O visa based upon marriage.

What is going on with the Thai Work Permit Rules?

The regulations regarding work authorization and business visas in Thailand have been in a state of flux recently.

Thai Immigration Bureau Increases Airport Enforcement Activities

Authorities in Thailand have been dedicating increased resources to Immigration checkpoints at airports in Thailand.

Thailand Immigration Rules: Thai 7 Day Visa Extension Stamps

Those in Thailand on a non-immigrant, tourist visa, or visa exemption may be able to obtain a one-off 7 day extension.

Thai Retirement Visas: Bank Statements vs Income Affidavits

There is more than 1 way to prove an ability to financially support oneself in Thailand on a retirement visa.

Increased Scrutiny in Thai Retirement Visa Applications

It appears that Immigration officers in Thailand are investigating retirement visa applications more intensely than in the past.

Is the Education Visa Still a Viable Option for Expats in Thailand?

The ED visa was, at one time, widely used by those wishing to stay in the Kingdom long term. More recently, such visas have fallen into wider disuse.