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DHS Seeking Facial Recognition for All Travelers in USA

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Department of Homeland Security and specifically certain policies surrounding facial recognition technology. 

For those who keep up with this channel, we have done a great many videos on the recent introduction of biometric technology, notably facial recognition amongst that biometric technology, which is being utilized more frequently by Thai Immigration and has resulted in almost a sea change if you will with respect to Thai Immigration enforcement capabilities. We have seen a large number of people be deported or be apprehended as a result of this biometric technology which was once not available here in Thailand. It is now able to basically uncover or decipher more people who are trying to come in to Thailand either for illicit purposes or who have previously overstayed or have been blacklisted trying to return.

In a recent article I found on zerohedge but is apparently authored by Mac Slavo at  The article is titled: DHS wants Americans Subjected to Mandatory Facial Recognition at Airports. Quoting directly, “The Department of Homeland Security, DHS, is pushing hard for mandatory facial recognition scans at airports. The government wants to "remove a loophole" (the quotes are in the article) that is currently allowing Americans to opt out of it right now."  Quoting further, “Under the existing guidelines, US citizens and other lawful permanent residents have the ability to avoid Airport biometric scans and identify themselves by other means while some travelers have found it difficult to opt-out given opaque or inconsistent guidelines from airport to airport, the DHS would apparently like to cut down on the confusion by doing away with the exemption all together." Quoting further, "Proposed in a recent filing, the DHS requested a change to the current rules in order to provide that "all travelers including US citizens may be required to be photographed upon entry and or departure" from the US citing the need to identify criminals or "suspected terrorists". 

So clearly Thailand is not the only jurisdiction around the world that is using biometric technology with more regularity and clearly the United States is trying to expand usage, especially facial recognition technology. Where exactly this ends up or how this plays out remains to be seen but if there is a further update to be made, we will try to go ahead and do that on this channel.