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Is Thailand Trying To Tell Us Something?

Transcript of the above video: 

So I took the photo for the thumbnail - we will put it up here on the screen - I took that photo in Jomtien Beach out on Second Road. The minute I saw it, I thought of the song Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, specifically the line "It's the edge of the world and all of Western civilization," and in a sense, especially when you are down in Pattaya, maybe not so much in Bangkok, there is this sort of fading tendrils if you will of the Western World down there because it's just so Western influenced; it's a very interesting town Pattaya, in that regard. 

The point of this video and the reason for making it is one, is Thailand trying to tell us something? "Hey, maybe white wokeness is kind of a waste of everybody's time!" I'm not going to get too deep into this but as an outside observer to all this stuff that really hasn't had to live in the sort of eye of the storm of all this wokeness, it just looks absurd to me. It looks like again like a massive waste of time and resources, worrying about, complaining about, being concerned about, being angry about all of these issues and micro-aggressions. Meanwhile, the rest of the world has real problems to deal with like industrializing an entire continent, things of this nature and they kind of look back at the West, I think the Chinese have a specific name for like young, white, woke people but you look over and you say "hey maybe it's time,” like that line from Anchorman where he says "Hey champ, maybe it is time you just stop talking for a while." 

I mean that's kind of where I think the Thais are at with regard to this Western stuff coming out. They're just kind of like "hey buddy, maybe it is time you just stop talking for a while", and that graffiti, that statement sitting where it's sat just made me think again that, "edge of the world and all the western civilization" and maybe the East perspective is valid under present circumstances when they are looking back on all the absurdity that is coming from the so-called Woke West.