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Thai Visa Revocation, Deportation, and Extradition

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Visa revocation, and extradition. The reason I thought of making this video is I was reading a recent article from The Star, that is,, the article is titled: Malaysian fugitive businessman's Thai Visa revoked, awaiting deportation. Quoting directly: "Malaysian fugitive businessman, (I am going to redact his name)'s Visa has been revoked and is awaiting deportation by the Thai Authorities. Sadao Police Superintendent Police Colonel Bunthaeng Laocharoen told Bernama that the 55-year-old (name redacted), founder of the MBI Group International has been handed over to the Immigration police in Songkhla and later transferred to the Suan Plu Immigration Office in Bangkok.

So the reason for making this video, and I urge those who are watching this video to go check out that article for themselves, but understand in a very real sense when issues regarding what we would call in a common law context extradition come up, one option, one sort of tool in the toolbox for Thai Authorities is to use Visa revocation; they just revoke the Visa and send that person out of the country. Generally speaking, they can always send them back to their country of passport origin, a country of origin. So if somebody is in the country with a passport of the country that wants them back, Thai Immigration basically has the option of just saying look "whatever your issue is we just don't want you here!" They can cite National Security, public health and safety, whatever and basically just say look we are going to revoke that visa and you're going back to wherever you are going, in this case Malaysia.

So it is something that people don't really think about very often. I have done videos on this in the past, but yeah there is prolonged extradition in Thailand, I have made videos discussing extradition in Thailand and yes there are proceedings very similar to proceedings you would see for example in the United States, other Western countries. But another option is just simply Visa revocation and then just deport them out of the country presumably back to their country of origin, especially if that country of origin is the country that wants them in kind of an extradition context. This frankly is oftentimes sort of the most straightforward way of just dealing with the overall issue.