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Beware Scams Impersonating Integrity Legal

Transcript of the above video:

Unfortunately I have to make this video because to [not] do so I think I would be remiss especially in, for lack of a better term, in certain just basic obligations to the general public, as certain facts have come to my attention which are concerning.

So I am going to go ahead and put this up. This was sent to us by an individual client and she became a client, who thought they were talking to some other lawyer and it turns out “No, that is not us.” To get right to the point, there is somebody out there impersonating us. They are using my trademark or our firm's trademark, they are using our domain name etc. in order to impersonate our Enterprise here, I think in some sort of effort to scam people.

In here it is noted Integrity Chambers Law Firm. I have never heard of that name. They are putting up our logo. They are using an email  If you see anything like this, they are not affiliated with us. It is fairly easy to get in contact with us and you will get a response via email if you email us at one of our emails noted below in our description section. You can call our offices either via the US number or the number here in Thailand. We are available.  We are not particularly difficult to find but we are NOT Integrity Chambers Law firm. If you see anything associated with that, this doesn't have anything to do with us. We don't know who this individual is yet and there probably are going to be some issues that need to be ironed out should we ever discover who exactly this individual or individuals is.  

But again, the thing to take away from this video, Integrity Chambers is not us.  Anything that looks like this, be very wary. If you have any issues or you think you are talking to us and want to verify it, feel free to call our number. It is on this channel. Feel free to contact us. Our websites are fairly clear;,  It is not particularly difficult to find us.  It is not difficult to verify us.  If you think you have been dealing with us and want verification of that please feel free to contact us via the emails listed below. Call our offices, we are happy to verify who we are.  This was the first time I saw anything in print to this affect.  I also anecdotally had heard some things previously but I hadn't seen anything concrete enough that I could go ahead make a video on but all this sort of happened within a couple of days of each other and so we have gone ahead and made this video as quickly as we could.  We apologize for any inconvenience but it is not us and if you want to go ahead and verify if you are dealing with us, feel free to do so via one of the methods that I have noted previously.