"Enhanced Consular Cooperation" Between Foreign Representatives And Thai Law Enforcement?

This talk goes into the shift in Thai Law Enforcement which includes communicating with Consulates regarding criminals and repeat offenders creating a more streamlined process.

Thai Police "Strictly Enforcing Regulations" Against Foreign Lawbreakers?

This talk is about Thai Law Enforcement which is cracking down especially after the spate of 'foreigners behaving badly' that have occurred recently.

What Foreign Employment Is "Considered Illegal In Thailand"?

This talk is regarding the restricted occupations in Thailand which the Thai Authorities are now cracking down on foreigners working in such occupations.

Thai Immigration Police Operation "X-Ray" Targets Illegal Foreigners?

This discussion goes into the "X-Ray" operation now being used by Thai Police to purge out foreigners who are breaking the law.

Thai MP Calls To "Inspect Shady Businesses" Run By Foreigners?

This talk goes into the issue of foreigners working in restricted occupations in Thailand which has resulted in an MP turning his focus on 'shady business' in Thailand.

Thai Police Pursue Real Drugs

This talk goes into Thai Law enforcement who still crackdown heavily on hard drugs even though they have a more progressive attitude on Cannabis.

Thai Law Enforcement Cracking Down On "'Job-Stealing' Foreigners"?

This article goes into the issue of foreigners working in Thailand in the restricted occupations about which complaints are being made to Thai Authorities.

Foreigner Arrested When He "Tried To Fight The" Thai Police?

This is another talk on the issue of "foreigners behaving badly" in Thailand with which the Thai Police are trained to handle and oftentimes will end up in deportation for the instigator.

Foreigner "Arrested For Illegally Running Daycare" In Thailand?

This talk goes into the issue of foreigners working illegally in Thailand in an occupation that involves children.

"Everyday Heroes" In Thailand?

This is an article regarding a recent incident whereby some Thai locals in the area helped save a foreigner who was injured in a fight.