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Specific Tax Issues For American Expats In Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing tax issues specifically for Americans who are living in Thailand. There has been a lot of discussion on the changes with regard to Thai Tax Policy specifically the policy or the past policy on being able to mitigate Thai Tax liability based on the timing of bringing funds into Thailand vis a vis the timing of accrual of said funds. So I am not even going to go that deep into it. I have made a number of videos on this topic, go check them out, just go to the search function in our channel and just type in tax, you will get everything you need to know. 

For Americans though, on top of these changes with regard to Thai Tax Policy, we are also going to be dealing with just the general protocols associated with just being an American abroad and maintaining tax compliance in that capacity, so most notable talking about things like so called FBARs, Foreign Bank Account Reporting as well as the various compliance measures that came about as a result of FATCA, Foreign Account Transparency Compliance Act which basically mandates a number of documents associated with banking here in Thailand that have to be disclosed back to the US Government. 

And as we have discussed in other videos, I think that this change to Thai Tax Policy may be coming on the heels of the fact that Thai and American Tax Authorities are now sharing information between themselves via a Treasury to Finance Ministry interdepartmental memo if you will, which we have discussed at length in the past, but yeah they are sharing this information. 

I think that this is going to have implications for Americans, from a tax perspective, here in the Kingdom of Thailand.