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Thai Work Permit: Bangkok Employment Office Area 1

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Work Permits and specifically we are discussing a new regulatory scheme that has come down the pike that has resulted in sort of a shattering of the unified Work Permit processing center here in Bangkok and it has resulted in district offices if you will throughout the city or throughout the metropolitan area wherein these Thai Work Permit applications will now be not only processed but renewed. So they have gone to a more localized system. 

Since January 16th of 2020, standard Thai Companies that have foreigners working for them that need a work permit, will have to start dealing with what are now called Bangkok Employment Offices as opposed to the sort of centralized Ministry of Labour Office in downtown Bangkok. You are dealing with it on a more localized basis. This video specifically is talking about Bangkok Employment Office Area-1. 

I want to be clear. Companies that are promoted under the Board of Investment scheme or certain other companies that may be able to avail themselves of the One-Stop Service center protocols, this may not apply to you. This is probably more relevant to smaller companies here in Thailand, SMEs. Kind of the mom-and-pop type businesses where one of the folks involved, at least one of the folks involved is a foreigner and needs a work permit. So again BOI Companies as well as certain other larger enterprises may not need to worry about this although even companies that are relatively large may have to still deal with the standard Labour Ministry protocol so this may pertain to them as well.  

Bangkok Employment Office Area-1 encompasses Bangrak, Pathumwan, Yannawa, Sathorn and Bang Laem. So this is going to be much more localized moving forward. Those specific Khets if you will or districts in Bangkok will now be covered by Bangkok Employment Office Area-1.