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Work Permits in Thailand: What Is WP3?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing WP 3 in the context of Work Permits in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

Here recently I was down at the Thai Labour Department. I had to assist some clients of the firm with respect to their work authorization and I was there for a relatively for a relatively prolonged period of time and I noticed you the Labour Department does post a fair amount of information in both Thai and English at their offices and I thought some of this could be of interest to those watching this video.  So in this video, we are discussing WP 3.  

There was a posting regarding many matters pertaining to the Work Permit and work authorization and I will go ahead and put that up here.  To quote directly on WP 3: "WP 3 application for a WP, WP stands for work permit obviously, approval letter for the employers applying for a work permit for alien workers before entering the Kingdom of Thailand. After the approval letter has been granted, the employer sends the letter to an alien in order to apply for a Non-immigrant Visa from the Royal Thai Embassy and within 30 days from an employer receiving the letter, an alien has to apply for a work permit with the documents as shown on the letter."  So WP3 is an interesting document insofar as it is a sort of a pre-authorization.  It is issued for those who are abroad. You send it to that individual abroad in order to apply for a 90-day B visa. That individual presumably then comes to Thailand and obtains their work authorization after arriving in B status and then obtains this document here.  This is a WP11.  This is what the final result is with respect to applying for a work permit in so far as this is the ultimate document that is issued that grants work authorization; this is the Thai Work Permit. 

So the thing to take away from this video. WP3 is primarily used when a company is seeking to sponsor someone who is already abroad to come into the Kingdom on a B Visa and obtain a work permit in order to begin employment here in the Kingdom of Thailand.