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Thai Corporate Accounting and Work Permits for Foreigners

Transcript of the above video: 

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing accounting concerns especially in the context of work permits here in the Kingdom. 

Now at first glance many foreigners will probably disregard this video because they will say "I don't need to worry about corporate accounting", and if you simply work at a company here in the Kingdom you likely do not in a direct way, although I will say you might want to go ahead and watch this video to have some insight provided with respect to how corporate accounting can impact work permits for foreigners

What I mean when I say impact, what I am talking about is, if a company's corporate accounting is not correctly done and if corporate records are not correctly maintained, especially with respect to Thai employees when you are dealing with the ratio between a foreign worker permit holder and the 4 Thai employees that need to be offset in order to maintain the regulatory structure pursuant to Thai Statutory law in this matter, this provides some insight with respect to that because if accounting matters are not maintained, it is very possible a work permit or a Business Visa application may be denied. A renewal application may be denied because the documentation pertaining to the company is not properly maintained, the filings are not properly done, taxes may be in arrears. All those matters can result in a work permit or a Visa being denied renewal. 

So the thing to take away from this video is it is a good idea to have insight from a firm which can provide real time information regarding accounting and also understands how that information, how that accounting aspect interacts with the work permit and interacts with things like the Business Visa application renewal. All of that stuff has an interplay and having a firm that can provide corporate services and accounting services at the same time as providing legal services, wherein all of that is sort of working harmoniously that is a good thing to have. So folks who are interested in that, we urge you to go ahead and contact us. You can see our information in the description below and our contact information below and we look forward to being of assistance.