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Domicile and Corporate Registered Addresses in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

In this video, we're going to discuss some corporate issues for a moment. Basically, this video is dedicated to the issue of corporate address change. In Thailand, there are certain things about it especially corporate law that are somewhat formalistic in a way. They date back to the days gone by in the United States most especially with the corporate entities stretching back to the turn of the last century.

There's a lot of formalities associated with running a corporation in Thailand that just simply don't exist anymore in the western context especially with the advent and creation of so-called limited liability companies or LLCs in the United States and LTDs in the U.K. they call them there. Again, I'm an American attorney. I deal with Thai attorneys on a daily basis and those interested in these matters are well advised to contact a Thai legal professional or a firm such as ours which basically sort of handles Thai issues for foreign clients.

This video is really focused on the issue of address change for a company. In the United States, doing a corporate address change is not even so much an issue in the United States as to where a company is legally domicile. In fact in certain jurisdictions, it's not even an overall requirement.

Here in Thailand, the legal domicile is a requirement and it should be noted it's a requirement for a very specific reason and that is because, for purposes of notice, legal notice and things like this mail us to heavy utilized. And also, because there's a civil registry here in Thailand. From the standpoint of legal notice, of pending legal actions, having an address on file with the government where legal notice can be sent is extremely important. It clearly is a priority within the way the legal system works here in Thailand.

So it is just what it is, a legal domicile is required here in Thailand with maintaining a limited company. Domiciles are sometimes rather difficult to deal with. Addresses are sometimes rather difficult to deal with respect to finding one, maintaining one. And also now, Revenue Department has made some rules with respect to tax certification on certain types of addresses which is addressed in a different video on this channel. But suffice it to say, address changes can be rather straightforward in many ways but there are legal requirements including, depending on the specific circumstances of the case, things like a publication period which need to occur. Because as explained, the company needs to put the public on at least constructive legal notice with respect to the underlying address because again, it's considered a priority under Thai law to be able to know where you can legally serve someone if nothing else.

So an address and domicile is extremely important here in Thailand. It's a very good idea to have legal professionals assist in the registration or the transfer of a corporate address here in Thailand as failure to properly transfer an address can lead to certain problems in the sense that you know things might not, mail might not go to the right place. More importantly, if it's sort of done improperly you can basically place the company in a sort of limbo with respect to the underlying address and if that were to occur, there could be serious problems associated with that. So it's a good idea to get legal professionals, corporate service providers assist in not only the registration of a corporate domicile but the transfer thereof because it's not the most straightforward thing in the world when compared to other jurisdictions.