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Business Visa Thailand: How Many Thai Employees are Needed?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Business Visas.

Business Visas here in the Kingdom of Thailand are needed by those who are looking to either own a company or work here in Thailand. They also act as a platform for obtaining a Thai Work Permit so they are a very integral aspect of one's lawful presence here in the Kingdom. 

One question we get from a lot of folks who are looking to set up a company or maintain lawful business status here in Thailand is, "How many Thai employees are needed in order to maintain my visa status?" and this basically comes from the fact that especially for SMEs, for small businesses here in Thailand, now there may be different rules depending on the concessions granted by the Thai Board of Investment, that is the BOI so those type of companies are governed under different rules, but for just a small business here in Thailand there generally is a ratio of Thai employees to foreign employees that needs to be maintained in order for lawful status to be permitted for that Foreigner here in Thailand. 

Generally speaking, that ratio is going to depend on the circumstances of the foreigner themselves so there are going to be some foreigners that are in one type of visa status as opposed to another type of visa status that may dictate the number of employees that are necessary. With respect to those who are in Thailand on a Business Visa, generally speaking you are looking at 4 Thai employee ratio to 1 Foreigner. Meanwhile, those who are on Thai Marriage Visas, there are different rules with respect to that and their circumstances; I shouldn't say Marriage Visa specifically I should say Thai O Visas and the specific facts of that Thai O Visa are going to have a great deal of influence on the number of Thai employees that are going to be necessary in order to maintain lawful status here in the Kingdom. 

So with respect to this video, for Business Visas you are generally looking at a 4:1 ratio of Thai employees to foreign employees and it should also be noted, and we have gone over this in prior videos, maintaining the Tax and Social Security documentation associated not only with the corporate entity, but also with respect to both the foreign and the Thai individuals working in the company is extremely important for maintenance of Thai Business Visas prospectively, maintaining Business Visa status, this is extremely important. 

So again the thing to take away from this video is there is a ratio of Thai employees to foreign employees that needs to be maintained but also the underlying paperwork associated with all those employees is extremely important for ongoing maintenance of lawful status in Business Visa status for the Kingdom of Thailand.