Update on Immigration Rules for Myanmar

A quick talk on travel to Myanmar in that Myanmar has started to open up certain tourist destinations in order to attract international travellers.

Is $1,000,000 the Threshold for Thai "Long Term Residence" Visas?

Some more information regarding the yet to come on line LTR Visas specifically the financial requirements which are rather high compared to other visas for Thailand.

Thai "High Skill Professional" Visas?

Some more information on another subcategory under the new Long Term Visa which is set to come on line in September specifically for high income individuals with specific skills.

Does the US-Thai Treaty of Amity Indicate a "Special Relationship"?

A discussion on the long time relationship between Thailand and the US which not only includes the US-Thai Treaty of Amity but also includes Defence Agreements between the two countries.

The "Work from Thailand Professional" Visas

Some information on visas for professionals with specific requirements which are being brought on line as a subcategory of the newly proposed LTR visa.

Thai "Wealthy Pensioner" Visas For Foreign Retirees in Thailand?

Some information on one of the visa categories under the soon to be brought on line Long Term Residence Visas, specifically for retirees with a high pension income.

Is the US Visa Process a "Patchwork of Pathways"?

A talk on the US Visa process which is Byzantine in many ways and should be brought up to date with modern times.

A "Faster Than Expected" Rebound in Thailand's Tourism Sector?

A discussion on the reopening of Thailand after the Covid Pandemic and some indications that maybe the number of tourists will be more than expected.

Why Are Thai Work Permits Needed in Addition to B Visas?

Some quick information in answer to a query regarding Work Permits and Business Visas which actually fall under the auspices of different Ministries in Thailand.

Will the 51-49 Percent Rule for Thai Condos Ever Change?

A talk on the Thai to Foreign ratio regarding ownership rights to Condos in Thailand and whether this ratio will change.


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