Are Thai Companies A Solution To Future Tax Issues?

A talk on a major change to the Thai Tax Policy commencing Jan of 2024 and how it may be possible for a foreigner to become tax efficient.

120 Days "Available Visa-Free Under Current Rules" In Thailand?

A talk on travel to Thailand during this upcoming high season in that it will be possible to stay for approximately 4 months by utilizing extensions and a border run.

K-1 Visa: Expiration And Reissuance?

A discussion regarding the validity of the K-1 Visa which is usually 6 months, insofar as it is the best policy to use it before it expires as getting one re-issued can be very difficult.

Does Thailand Have "Retarded GDP Growth"?

A talk on a recent article regarding the economy and GDP of Thailand which is not totally accurate as there is also an informal economy in Thailand that needs to be taken in to account.

More Nationalities Offered "Visa-Free" Options For Travel To Thailand?

An article regarding Tourism in Thailand regarding a scheme to boost tourism by providing visa-free options to many countries especially for the upcoming high season.

Would Thailand "Phase Out" Retirement Visas?

A talk to provide some personal insight on Thai Retirement Visas which although may become more nettlesome in the future, most likely will not be phased out.

New Thai Tax Regime Does NOT Begin Before 2024?

A quick discussion regarding to the changes to the Thai Tax Regime which will come into effect on Jan 1, 2024 for which each person's tax liabiity will in fact be circumstancially dependent.

Are Digital Nomads A Dying Breed?

A talk on Digital Nomads which may be dying down mainly due to the tightening up of immigration protocols of many countries and also the increased cost of flying.

Thai Foreign Ministry Focusing On Economic Expansion?

A talk on the Thai Foreign Ministry which is now taking a more proactive role to encourage tourism by taking down a number of road blocks for getting in to Thailand especially over the upcoming high season.

90 Days On Arrival in Thailand For US, EU, UK, & AUS Passport Holders?

A quick talk to provide some information regarding some positive changes to the Thai 30-day visa on arrival for some countries which will last through the high season here in Thailand.


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