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Thailand Immigration Form TM 47 for 90 Day Reporting

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing 90-day reporting in the Kingdom. There are other videos on this channel that discuss 90-day reports in a little bit more detail but I decided to do this video just to sort of show off the form, the TM 47 form, which is a form that is going to be necessary to go ahead and do ones 90-day reporting here in the Kingdom.

Like with many other immigration matters, this sort of single document is somewhat deceptive insofar as the immigration officer may require more documentation. They may not just accept this readily. They may want to see for example copies of documentation that shows where someone is living. I have even heard, in association with 90-day reporting, there have actually been instances of investigations and inspectors at a given person's address.

So this is strictly speaking the form itself. It can be filled out by anyone who is on a non-immigrant visa here in the Kingdom who is staying longer in the Kingdom than 90 days. It basically requires, as per Thai Law, that anyone who is not an immigrant ie. a permanent resident in the Kingdom or a Thai citizen which obviously that doesn't apply, it requires any non-immigrants, those in non-immigrant status, that is B visas, O visas ED visas, M visas for media, again O based on marriage, OA based on retirement, you have got to do the 90-day reporting; you are going to be dealing with the TM 47 form.

So the thing to take away from this video is yes this is the form, but as with anything, immigration officers have a great deal of discretion. They could request other documentation in association with the reporting of ones address every 90 days.