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Thai Permanent Residence Applications Being Accepted

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Permanent Residence applications; that is an application to become a Permanent Resident here in the Kingdom.

Those foreign nationals who spent the requisite amount of time in the Kingdom, maintain their lawful status pursuant to the provisions of the Thai Immigration Law pertaining to residents, can apply for PR and upon approval can be granted an Immigrant Visa here in the Kingdom and are permitted to go into things like a Blue House Book, a blue Tabian Baan, and basically if one doesn't wish to leave the Kingdom thereafter, they don't really need to. They are done. They are done dealing with Immigration in a substantive manner, as a practical matter, and definitely on a day-to-day basis, you wouldn't be dealing with it. This gets rid of things like 90-day reporting, the TM30 which is a bit of a hassle for those living in the Kingdom, and provides a degree of certainty with respect to one's lawful status here in Thailand. 

The window opens kind of sporadically. We kind of call it "the window”, the window for accepting PR application. It came up rather early this year.  It came up toward the beginning or really the end of the second quarter really here in Thailand. It came up in July. Applications for PR will be being accepted until the final business day of December of 2019. So it is possible to apply for a rather for a prolonged period of time. We have seen situations in the past where the “window”, for lack of better term, will be open for only a matter of weeks. This is quite a prolonged period of time in which PR applications will be accepted. It is probably a good idea to seriously consider maybe getting an application on file if you meet the requirements. 

It should be noted that there are a couple of different ways in which one can file for PR. There is investment, working and business, humanitarian experts and extraordinary circumstances. All of them have different criteria under which one can file and generally speaking one needs to have spent rather a prolonged period of time here in the Kingdom in order to be eligible to file for PR. 

So the thing to take away from this video, if you are looking for assistance with PR we are here to assist with that. We assist with PR applications frequently but it occurs again as noted on a rather sporadic basis on a yearly basis and we never know exactly when the window is going to open up. Once you get your case on file, you can go ahead and wait for it to process. Once it is processed out, you have got to go ahead and deal with getting things like your red book to go ahead and maintain your PR status here in the Kingdom. But once you get it, it is quite a benefit especially considering you no longer have to deal with recurring visa renewals, things like recurring 90-day reporting, TM30s etc.

That being stated, Thai Permanent Residence does not grant work authorization so those who are wishing to stay in the Kingdom and work while in PR status are still going to need to go ahead and get a work permit. That being stated, the work permit regulations pertaining to PR, folks that have Permanent Residence here in the Kingdom, it is substantively dissimilar from work permit regulations for those who are here for example on a B Visa.  It can be really a benefit for those who qualify for permanent residence and those who do qualify are well-advised to go ahead and get their case on file as quickly as possible in order to get into this rather coveted status here in the Kingdom of Thailand.