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Amended Social Security Documentation and Thai Work Permit Application

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Work Permits and specifically we are discussing supporting documentation that is associated with either a Work Permit application or a Work Permit renewal application and the specific documents in question for this video we are discussing are Social Security documentation. 

So, one aspect of filing for a Work Permit application or renewal is the Social Security documentation and why would Social Security have anything to do with the Work Permit application?

Well one of the things they like to see or they need to see with respect to Work Permit filings, is that there are the requisite number of employees, Thai employees ratio to the number foreign employees within the given operation and that those employees are having their contributions made into the Thai Social Security System. 

The reason I bring this up is at one time, Accounting and Corporate Compliance, Corporate Maintenance, was kind of viewed as an afterthought here in Thailand and in recent years I think especially in the Business Visa unit as well as the Thai Work Permit apparatus, the Thai Labour Department, this should not be viewed this way anymore. In fact, it is one of the reasons why we formed the Accounting and Corporate Services Division within our group because Accounting and Corporate Compliance is so integral to getting one's Immigration and Work authorization status not only established but maintained. The cavalier attitude came from the fact that if you went down to apply for documents, for example Visas or Work Permits, and you had problems in your Corporate filings, you can just amend them and then go back and file for that Work Permit. More and more, amendments are being viewed as at best pretextual even pretensive and in many cases we are just seeing where they simply say "No we are not going to accept that. You basically are out of status. You need to leave the country, come back in, reapply and have all your documentation in order."  Because they view the amended documentation as pretextual. It is only being done because this person wants work authorization in the case of a work permit.

For this reason it is exceptionally important in my opinion, to go ahead and have competent professionals assisting with one's ongoing Corporate maintenance and Corporate accounting because failure to assiduously monitor the documentation that will eventually be part of a Work Permit application can result in a Work Permit application being denied and a foreigner being put in the position of having to leave the country to re-establish their status and get back into the system thereafter.