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Thailand Work Permit: Bangkok Employment Office Area 5

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Work Permits specifically the application process for either a first-time Work Permit or for the renewal of a Work Permit previously issued to a foreign national here in Thailand. 

Since January 16th of 2020 we have been dealing with a new administrative overhaul within the Ministry of Labour. Part of that overhaul has resulted in sort of a devolution of the processing authority if you will, the processing jurisdiction with respect to application for Work Permits or Work Permit related matters. So, whereas once Work Permits were processed through the central office of the Ministry of Labour here in Thailand, now it is devolving to the local level and we are dealing with what are called Employment Offices here in Bangkok. 

This video is specific to the Bangkok Employment Office Area-5 and the districts which are covered under Bangkok Employment Office Area 5 are Klong Sam Wah, Minburi, Ladkrabang, Sapan Soong, Nong Chok & Sai Mai. So within the Bangkok metro area, the Bangkok city proper if you want to call it that, there has been a “decafurcation” of the authority of these offices and it is no longer going to be done in one place, you have to go deal with the local office. I think there is going to be some practical implication to these changes. Most notably I think the local office will have some peccadilloes with respect to their local prerogatives and how things are processed. I also suspect that it will be more straightforward to see more inspections associated with Work Permit applications.  In the past we have noted on this channel, the Ministry of Labour this year at the beginning of the year, has noted that they are looking to sort of undertake more enforcement activities associated with investigations so they are undertaking more investigations or they say they will sort of in the same vein that Immigration started doing back in 2017 and 2018 up to now. The Labour Department is more serious about dealing with this stuff on a local level. 

So again Bangkok Employment Office Area-5 will be dealing with the districts I already mentioned and again this could have ramifications for those who are doing business in those specific districts.